Technically, HB cylinders should always be lubricated. We realize that sometimes they receive little or no additional lubrication and that may be acceptable on lower cycle, lighter duty applications. While we have no non-lube option for HB cylinders, there are methods to enhance their performance in poorly lubricated areas. One is to include the HARD CHROME PLATED PISTON ROD option. The plating has a low coefficient of friction that will extend the life of the rod seal and rod bushing. Another is to include the LONG LIFE SEAL option. Long life seals have internal lubricants and are formulated to perform better in poorly lubricated conditions.
For true non-lube service, consider our SMA aluminum cylinders.

Rod seal weepage can be substantially reduced by specifying the POLYPAK ROD SEAL option. They are available on all 1-1/2" and 2" bore cylinders. For availability on other bore sizes, consult the factory.
The HARD CHROME PLATED PISTON ROD option also significantly improves sealability and reduces weepage.

Click here to download our general service instruction sheet. A copy is contained in all seal kits.
Service Sheet (29Kb)

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ARS002 (31Kb) - Reed Switch
ARS302 (34Kb) - Reed Switch
AHS031/AHS331/AHS032/AHS332 (49Kb) - Hall Switches

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