Basic Series SS cylinders have an all stainless exterior. The tube is type 304 and the end caps are type 303 stainless. The shaft is type 303 stainless and is hard chrome plated to provide superior abrasion resistance.
The piston inside the cylinder is brass and the rod bushing is oilite bronze. Where superior corrosion resistance is also required inside the cylinder, you can specify the non-metallic rod bushing and the solid stainless piston.
If the chrome plating on the shaft is a concern, ask about alternative materials.

Every standard cylinder has a heavy-duty rod wiper to remove contaminants from the shaft. In very wet or submerged applications request the REVERSE POLYPAK WIPER option. It will more effectively keep moisture out of the cylinder.

Even though the seals and materials in every SS cylinder are designed to run in poorly lubed conditions, performance will be improved with an air line lubrication system. If lubrication is not practical add our NON LUBE option for longer strokes or higher cycle requirements. A Teflon impregnated wick on the piston will provide some longer-term lubricant.

Stainless steel rod clevises and rear pivot brackets are available in all sizes. The machined brackets offer a smaller profile with added support, while the formed rear pivot brackets are the economical choice .

Click here to download our general service instruction sheet. A copy is contained in all seal kits.
Service Sheet.pdf (29Kb)

Select and download a technical bulletin in PDF format.
ARS002 (31Kb) - Reed Switch
ARS302 (34Kb) - Reed Switch
AHS031/AHS331/AHS032/AHS332 (49Kb) - Hall Switches

The absolute best technical tip on this page is our phone number. A few minutes of conversation with factory technical support will always ensure that you are making the most informed decision when selecting a new product or troubleshooting an application.

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