Aurora provides individual downloadable cylinder cad drawings in Autocad .DWG file format.

Download the proper catalog section so that you can compile the correct part number for the cylinder you want. The first 6 or 7 characters of that part number followed by "s.dwg" is the filename you want to select for download.

Example: 11SMS15S.DWG
11 SMS15 S.DWG
2 Position Bore Code 4 or 5 Poistion Mounting Style Code Constant

All drawing are drawn with 0" stroke, double acting, and no options. Read the "Help Layer" on the drawing for simple instructions on how to stretch the drawing and how to choose the correct rod end.

As a final step, insert the complete cylinder part number in the drawing title block.

1 1/8" Bore SMS Drawings 1 1/2" Bore SMS Drawings
11sms01s.DWG 15sms01s.DWG
11sms02s.DWG 15sms02s.DWG
11sms03s.DWG 15sms03s.DWG
11sms05s.DWG 15sms05s.DWG
11sms06s.DWG 15sms06s.DWG
11sms07s.DWG 15sms07s.DWG
11sms08s.DWG 15sms08s.DWG
11sms09s.DWG 15sms09s.DWG
11sms10s.DWG 15sms10s.DWG
11sms11s.DWG 15sms11s.DWG
11sms14s.DWG 15sms14s.DWG
11sms15s.DWG 15sms15s.DWG
11sms16s.DWG 15sms16s.DWG
11sms17s.DWG 15sms17s.DWG

2" Bore SMS Drawings 3" Bore SMS Drawings
20sms01s.DWG 30sms01s.DWG
20sms02s.DWG 30sms02s.DWG
20sms03s.DWG 30sms03s.DWG
20sms05s.DWG 30sms05s.DWG
20sms06s.DWG 30sms14s.DWG
20sms07s.DWG 30sms15s.DWG
20sms08s.DWG 30sms16s.DWG
20sms09s.DWG 30sms17s.DWG

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