SMS cylinders with the short flange head or short square head can be a solution in those areas where low quality "pancake" cylinders have failed. We have designed just enough additional length and quality into the SMS cylinders so that they can handle the most demanding applications.
If length permits, select the nose mount or long square head for a full extra inch of bearing and load support.
For the ultimate in load support and cycle life, specify the optional U CUP piston with a wide Teflon wear strip. This option adds 1/2" to length.

SMS cylinders have an all stainless steel exterior. The tube is type 304 stainless and the end caps are type 303 stainless. The shaft is type 303 stainless and is hard chrome plated to provide superior abrasion resistance. If the plating is a concern, ask us about possible alternative shaft materials.
The piston inside is either aluminum or brass, depending on bore size and model. If a stainless steel piston is required, consider our Series SS cylinders or consult our factory for other options. The shaft bushing in all SMS cylinders is fiberglass backed woven Teflon that is resistant to galvanic corrosion and most environments.

It is a fact that any cylinder will last longer when lubed with an air line lubricator. If that is not practical, select our non-lube option with the standard O ring sealed piston. For the very best in non-lubed service, select the U CUP piston option. Although it adds 1/2" to length, it can add many miles to your service interval.

Our machined rod clevises and formed pivot brackets provide a competitive method to attach any cylinder to your equipment.
For higher strength and a lower profile, consider the SSC-40 and SSC-90 precision machined rear pivot brackets.
A spherical bearing in the standard female piston rod thread is an effective way to help minimize the minor misalignment that occurs in so many applications.

Click here to download our general service instruction sheet. A copy is contained in all seal kits.
Service Sheet.pdf (29Kb)

Select and download a technical bulletin in PDF format.
ARS002 (31Kb) - Reed Switch
ARS302 (34Kb) - Reed Switch
AHS031/AHS331/AHS032/AHS332 (49Kb) - Hall Switches

The absolute best technical tip on this page is our phone number. A few minutes of conversation with factory technical support will always ensure that you are making the most informed decision when selecting a new product or troubleshooting an application.

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